Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Accidental Injury Incident Report

Print and complete an Incident Report when a student is injured at school. Incident reports are typically used for injuries that occur on campus (or during transport to/from school) if the injury is accidental in nature. Incident reports should be sent home for EVERY INJURY that may result in a bump, bruise, break,  strain, abrasion, or if you suspect the student injured needs medical attention.

Injuries Due to an Altercation

If the injury is a result of an altercation, immediately refer student(s) to the Dean of Students or to the Principal. The administrator working with the involved students will be responsible for reporting the incident to families.

Reporting Restraint or Seclusion

If a student must be restrained or secluded for his/her own safety or for the safety of others, educators must print, complete and submit the Restraint Report to all of the individuals listed in the footnote of the form. Do not complete this form if the student is restrained or secluded for less than 5 minutes, unless said incident results in an injury to the student restrained or secluded.


Incident Report

Restraint Report

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