Positive Behavior Referrals

Recognizing and encouraging positive behavior and growth is important at SCSD. Faculty and staff are encouraged to award Positive Behavior Referrals to students making smart, healthy, and responsible choices. This data is collected and reported to CDE with our annual school discipline report. Our goal is to create a cooperative and compassionate student body with a growth mindset. To reach this goal, we have incorporated the 16 Habits of Mind into our Positive Behavior Referral.

Discipline Referral Process

  1. Refer to the  Restorative Discipline Handbook
  2. Click on the appropriate link below to submit an office referral
    • State Reportable Offenses (statutes defined) must be reported to CDE. These offenses are as follows:
      • Drug, Alcohol, Marijuana, and Tobacco Violations
      • 1st/2nd Degree Vehicular Assault
      • Dangerous Weapons
      • Robbery or Other Felony
      • Disobedience/Defiant or Repeated Interference
      • Detrimental Behavior
      • Destruction of School Property
      • Other Violation of Code of Conduct
      • Sexual Violence, Battery, Rape, or Attempted Rape
      • Threats of Physical Attack
      • Allegations of Harassment on the Basis of Race, Color, or National Origin, Religion, Disability, Sexual Orientation, or Gender.

See also Incident Reporting for reporting any injuries that occur on campus or during transport (to/from) school.

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