Positive Behavior Referrals

Recognizing and encouraging positive behavior and growth is important at SCSD. Faculty and staff are encouraged to award Positive Behavior Referrals to students making smart, healthy, and responsible choices. This data is collected and reported to CDE with our annual school discipline report. Our goal is to create a cooperative and compassionate student body with a growth mindset. To reach this goal, we have incorporated the 16 Habits of Mind into our Positive Behavior Referral.

Positive Referral Process

  1. Complete at least one Positive Behavior Referral per week and submit to the Restorative Practice Coordinator.
  2. The Restorative Practice Coordinator will sign and document the referral for reporting purposes.
  3. The elementary students will be awarded their referrals during the next days morning meeting with the superintendent. Secondary students will be awarded their referral by their teacher. Letters will be sent home to parents to acknowledge the awards and all students will get a shout-out during the morning announcements at the beginning of the following week.

Discipline Referral Process

  1. Refer to the  Restorative Discipline Handbook
  2. Click on the appropriate link below to submit a referral
    1. Minor Office Referral used for minor offenses such as: possession of gum, candy, toys, radios, etc., passing notes, failure to follow procedures, failure to bring appropriate materials to class, petty conflicts among students, disruptive behavior in the classroom (minor nature), missing assigned detention the first scheduled time, unproductive in class after parent contact, tardiness to class (first two occurrences), use of electronic telecommunication devices for non-educational purposes (i.e. texting, social media, etc.)
    2. Major Discipline Referral used for state reported offenses such as: blatant disrespect towards the teacher, bullying another student, cheating or plagiarism, missing detention twice after parent contact, theft, leaving class without permission or skipping class, obscene language or gesture, fighting, obscene pictures or literature, vandalism, smoking and/or possession of smoking materials or tobacco, possession, consumption, sale, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, possession of fireworks, matches, lighter, or another caustic device, verbal abuse of adults or students, open defiance/insubordination, threats by word or deed.

Detention Referral

Detention Referral: Detention is offered by appointment, after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Mr. Lehman’s classroom.

  1. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ELEMENTARY EDUCATORS: Elementary teachers must call or send a note home, at least 2 days before assigned detention, notifying parents that their student has earned after school detention and that they need to make arrangements to pick their student up.

See also Incident Reporting for reporting any injuries that occur on campus or during transport (to/from) school.