Restorative Practices

At South Conejos School District, we understand that young people make mistakes, and it is the school’s role to support their socio-emotional growth as well as their academic growth.  When our young people make mistakes, our goal is to create opportunities for them to take accountability for their actions and correct their mistakes. We are committed to engaging in the kind of discipline that is rooted in learning and teaches appropriate conduct consistent with school values.

As a staff we will make every effort to keep every student in the classroom and in school. When disruptive behaviors occur, we will attempt to address them in a restorative manner focused on needs, accountability, and addressing root causes.  When someone in our school community is harmed, we are committed to creating space to bring together all those affected to collaboratively address needs and responsibilities, and come up with a plan to repair harm.

We understand that our young people often experience conditions in their homes and communities that are traumatizing and that may impact their behavior at school.  Our staff will work to connect every student to services and caring adults in order to ensure that such students are supported in every way possible.

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